Monday, February 27, 2017

A new job and other updates

So, I mentioned on Valentine’s day that I received good news from work. Finally I can speak of it. A few weeks ago the Registrar of the Diocese met me in the hall and asked if he could have a chat sometime that afternoon. So, I go down to his corner office at the end of the corridor, he sits me down, then unfolds an organisational chart in front of me and starts using words like ‘service level agreements’. I sat there wondering initially whether I might be in trouble for spending too much time on the internet. But, it turns out that he was explaining to me some restructures and leading to a new position that was being created, finishing by asking whether I’d be interested in filling it.

All this was a complete surprise, but as I pondered it didn’t take long for me to realise I’d be crazy to say no, particularly when the new role would be incorporating some elements of the job I was already doing that I was enjoying the most, eg the Anglican News.

So, today was my first day as the ‘Communications and Client Services Manager’ for the Diocese. On Valentine’s day I was given my new contract, which was another nice surprise and is a help to my debt reduction and new car efforts (as a first home buyer in ACT you receive no assistance from the government if you buy an established property, but you can defer the stamp duty with ten years to pay it and nothing to pay anything for five years, so that is what I did, but I have realised that I am being charged interest, so I need to start chipping away at that for one thing).

I have been given the list of hopes and dreams of the Registrar, and some examples he is fond of, for the production of various documents (among other things) and had a mild freak out at the timelines involved today and the fact that I am not a graphic designer, but I downloaded a free InDesign template off the web, downloaded some free replacement fonts for it, asked the IT people if I could have Photoshop, and how hard can this be? ...

It’s going to be challenging but I think I am going to enjoy it and am very grateful to be given the opportunity. I will miss things from my old position as I enjoyed being involved in the ordination and professional standards/safe communities processes as concepts and working closely with the Assistant Bishops and our Director of Safe Communities, who are kind and encouraging and supportive good people, but the reality is that my role involved a lot of paper gathering and organising, and I actually feel strangely more competent about my ability to produce reports than I do about my ability to keep track of other people’s ordination paperwork, which always seemed to fail me at some point. And I have just moved around the corner so I can go back for chats.

In other news, I have a new back fence. A few months ago I got new neighbours over the back, in the place that has been empty since I moved in, and they are these fabulous retirees named Joe and Francesca from ‘Italia’. Joe pretty soon bailed my up over the fence in his singlet and asked if I was interested in replacing the fence. I was kinda fond of the weathered, dilapidated old paling fence, but it really was falling down and sliding off down the slope, and he was happy to arrange for it to be replaced, so all I had to do was go along with it. A few weeks passed before he came around with some quotes one Saturday, and by Thursday I had a new fence (I had to hastily remove my jasmine and fairy lights) – and in discussions about the fence I was sent home with spaghetti and meatballs. I love it. I now have colorbond, which is not my favourite thing, but I have since attached some lattice to get the jasmine back on it and a creeping fig, and I am hoping it is soon disguised. My pavers had started separating and sliding off down the slope also, so they had to remove some to restore the fence to its rightful place, thus on the weekend I was out trying to scrape away the extra dirt that had accumulated between them and move my pavers back to where they should be and put the last row back in. Good times. I used some spare halves to make a little edge around a garden to stop the plants and weeds running off between the pavers. It’s now looking very neat and tidy out there, but I hope it goes back to a little bit ramshackly soon.

The weekend after the new fence I had to get a plumber out as my drain blocked and no amount of plunging would set it free. Sometimes weekends feel like jobs, jobs, jobs, but I am nearing the end of things I need to deal with – for now anyway. The weekend before the one just gone, which involved the paving, I went to Church Missionary Society Canberra Mission focus weekend, which was a good day of expanding horizons beyond my back courtyard and learning of gospel work the world over.


Pete said...

Great post. Well done on the new job. No doubt you will blitz it.

Ali said...

Thanks Pete! Here's hoping ...