Sunday, September 18, 2016

Looking for contentment

Contentment can be a word you get very accustomed to hearing as a single person. So I found this article on what precisely it is helpful.

(Then I got to thinking that the very fact that we more often charge one group of people in a particular set circumstances, namely the never married singles, with the command to be content, could perhaps indicate that we've all misunderstood it - because surely if married folks are considered more likely to be, or actually are more, content, based on being in the circumstance of being married, then perhaps that would mean they haven't learnt the secret of biblical contentment either. I'm not denying that single people can be discontent, very discontent, but just that married people shouldn't be content because they are married (or assumed in sermons to be more content because they are married) either, and that we are perhaps not doing the right thing, or the helpful thing, when we talk about contentment in connection with any particular set of circumstances (when the point Paul makes is that it's independent of circumstances!).)


pete said...

Catching up on all your posts as I haven't been here for a while but back in oz now so have some down time to do some reading. I do hope your health is going ok and work is good. The rug looks totes rad too. Contentment is hard and something I struggle with because of how I grew up (extremely poor and abusive). I really struggle with contentment vs striving and achieving and contentment vs being happy. To this day I have never really understood or experienced true lasting contentment. So, I enjoyed the link to the readings and revisiting this issue.

Anyway, all the best. You have a great blog. Love reading it.

Ali said...

Hi Pete,
Glad you find some pleasure here and that the link was useful! Might we all find that elusive contentment.