Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekend projects

So, it’s been a really quiet weekend. (Even my DIY plans were somewhat hijacked on Saturday by some kind of migraine. I got up and went out for a jog, but then flashing around the edges of my eyes started while I was getting dressed and it wasn’t long before the urge to throw up got the better of me. But from then on it eased and I decided to risk driving mid-afternoon to run some errands. Strange.) There’s no pretending that it hasn’t been horribly lonely, and what I wouldn’t give sometimes to have someone to talk to and someone who was committed to including me in their plans to just spend time. But I am thankful for Christ’s death on the cross to deal with my sin, and for what it demonstrated of God’s love for me and the price he was willing to pay to reconcile the relationship, and for the subsequent hope of an eternity without loneliness.

I have completed some DIY projects though. Indoors it was mostly painting picture frames.

The two above both got a new coat of a Porters Chalk Paint called Milk. The frame on the right was too white, and the frame on the left was a grassy green. I liked them both with the actual paintings but they just weren't working in the room or working together. I end up doing about three coats of whitish colours, so it can take a while with all the drying time in between but we got there in the end.

This print off an old glass slide also got a Milk painted frame. (All the frames are from old paintings gathered in second-hand shops. I haven't actually decided on the hanging configuration or location of everything yet.)

Then I did one frame in green, to match all the other green things. After a somewhat ridiculous quest for the perfect green, this one ended up a completely wrong bluey colour, and in the end I decided that the original colour was better. It now has a ridiculous number of paint layers on it, but I prefer it like this.

One thing I haven't fixed up yet is this table. I found it for $5 in the green shed (the shop attached to the tip) and just plonked some plants on it, but I quite like it. It just needs sanding and restraining. I don't think I'll paint it.


Jessica said...

I enjoy seeing your chalk-painting projects. Keep me updated on the $5 plant table.

Ali said...

Thanks Jess! I even snatched something off the side of the road today - but it might just end up in the garden shed. Think I'll leave the plant table as a wood stain, but it does need redoing at some point.