Friday, March 25, 2016

The Good Friday poems of Christina Rossetti

It would be too bad not to share the Good Friday poems of Christina Rossetti's from her Verses. (She actually wrote another Good Friday poem also, which you can read here.)


Up Thy Hill of Sorrows
   Thou all alone,
Jesus, man's Redeemer,
  Climbing to a Throne:
Thro' the world triumphant,
  Thro' the Church in pain,
Which think to look upon Thee
  No more again.

Upon my hill of sorrows
  I, Lord, with Thee,
Cheered, upheld, yea, carried,
  If a need should be:
Cheered, upheld, yea, carried,
  Never left alone,
Carried in Thy heart of hearts
  To a throne.


Lord Jesus Christ, grown faint upon the Cross,
  A sorrow beyond sorrow in Thy look,
    The unutterable craving for my soul;
      Thy love of me sufficed
To load upon Thee and make good my loss
  In face of darkened heaven and earth that shook:--
    I face of earth and heaven, take Thou my whole
      Heart, O Lord Jesus Christ.


No Cherub's heart of hand for us might ache,
  No Seraph's heart of fire had half sufficed:
Thine own were pierced and broken for our sake,
      O Jesus Christ.
Therefore we love Thee with our faint good-will,
  We crave to love Thee not as heretofore,
To love Thee much, to love Thee more, and still
      More and yet more.

by Christina Georgina Rossetti

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