Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Easter Day poems of Christina Rossetti

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~by Christina Georgina Rossetti

Words cannot utter
   Christ his returning:
Mankind, keep jubilee,
   Strip off your mourning,
Crown with garlands,
   Set your lamps burning.

Speech is left speechless;
   Set you to singing,
Fling your hearts open wide,
   Set your bells ringing:
Christ the Chief Reaper
   Comes, His sheaf bringing.

Earth wakes her song-birds,
   Puts on her flowers,
Leads out her lambkins,
   Builds up her bowers:
This is man’s spousal day,
   Christ’s day and ours.

~by Christina Georgina Rossetti


The sun arises from the sea,
   And all around his rays is flinging,
The flowers are opening on the lea,
   The merry birds are singing.


The summer breeze is rustling past,
   Sweet scents are gathering around it,
The rivulet is flowing fast,
   Beside the banks that bound it.


All nature seemeth to rejoice,
   In the returning summer weather;
Let us with nature raise our voice,
   And harmonise together.


But not alone for summer skies
   Shall praise unto our God be given:
This day our Saviour did arise,
   And oped the gate of heaven.


To sinful man, if only he
   His errings will confess with sorrow,
Then, after earth's night-misery,
   Shall dawn a glorious morrow:


A blissful bright eternity
   Bought by the rising of the Giver,
To Whom all praise, all honour be,
   For ever and for ever.

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