Sunday, March 27, 2016

A horribly beautiful Friday

And I pinched this off someone's Facebook wall and just want to park it here:
... The very worst thing that could happen was at the very same time the very best thing that could happen, and only God is able to do such a thing. The same God who planned that the worst thing would be the best thing is your Father. He rules over every moment in your life, and in powerful grace, he is able to do for you just what he did in redemptive history.

God takes the disasters in your life and transforms them into tools of redemption. He takes your failures and employs them as tools of grace. He uses the "death" of the fallen world to motivate you to reach out for life. The hardest things in your life become the sweetest tools of grace in his wise and loving hands.

Be careful how you make sense of your life. What looks like a disaster may in fact be grace. What looks like the end may be the beginning. What looks hopeless may be God's instrument to give you real and lasting hope. Your Father is committed to taking what seems so bad and turning it into something that is very, very good.

Need proof? Simply remember Good Friday, where the most horrible thing to ever happen in the history of humanity became the most beautiful thing to ever happen to the human race ...
Paul Tripp - A Horribly Beautiful Friday

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