Sunday, January 24, 2016

The nephew

I thought I would post an update on my nephew, since so many of you cared and prayed for him two years ago during his heart surgery. So, here he is at Christmas. It's actually hard to get photos of him because he doesn't stop moving and seems to making up for the months he spent languishing in a hospital crib by running, running, running. He's doing really well, and you'd never know he'd ever been on the brink. We are so thankful he is here.

He's a happy little boy, who is very little trouble (except that he gets into everything, though he's not actually being "naughty"), but he doesn't often break into a big smile, and will sometimes fix you with a solemn little face like this one (I think he's also wondering why people try to talk to him with big black things, i.e. cameras, in front of their face). His Christmas t-shirt, ordered online, was way too big for him, so looks a bit shabby, but still cute.

In the park near my other sister's house on Christmas day. He went up and down this slippery dip innumerable times. Strange how children love so much repetition.

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