Saturday, January 16, 2016

Greetings for 2016

So it's been a long time. I won't even attempt to construct some kind of explanation - other than that between work getting busy, running the youth Sunday School until the 20th December and getting ready for family coming to stay from the 17th December last year, the last of which only left on Thursday, I didn't write a post. It was lovely to stay in my own home for Christmas, for the first time since I actually left home I believe, though I discovered that you still don't do the things you would normally do at home when you have people staying with you.

But here I am and best wishes for the New Year to all.

I'm hopeful that there will be no house moves in 2016 but have no other grand plans. I am not leading the youth Sunday School this year. I would like to still be involved somehow, but just not be solely responsible for the running of it every Sunday, so will see what comes. I enjoyed it more than I predicted and am glad I took up the challenge and have decided I quite like teenagers and that they are not so terrifying as one might expect. That said I am also glad to recover some of the weekend (it was perhaps poor time management that meant I was usually preparing my lesson, or at least finishing it, on a Saturday, then delivering it on a Sunday, thus the idea of a day off stayed in the realm of an idea). Now I just need to be proactive and productive in how I spend that time gained. My younger sister and her husband and three children have now settled in about 20 minutes drive away, which is fabulous, and I have just today called in on an old friend who moved here last week, also fabulous, so building those relationships is on the list!

One thing I requested for Christmas, and received, was Tim Keller's year of daily devotions in the Psalms, called My Rock My Refuge. I started reading through the Psalms on the bus in the mornings later last year (I've generally been a person who did such things in the evening, but felt like the morning needed something godward in it also) and thought this book might just supplement that, which it has. I hope to read other parts of the bible this year also, but that at least is a baseline for everyday.

Hopefully I'll also be here more often, but I know better than to promise or plan any kind of blogging regimen.

Here is a picture of all my family, minus the four smallest children who were having their own fun, in my courtyard, which it was fun to be able to host. It's not the best shot of me at one end or my brother-in-law at the other, but we will keep it real.

And the littlest girl (she's wild sweet thing).

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