Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sara Groves - Floodplain

I succumbed to impatience and bought the pre-release of Sara Groves's new album, Floodplain, once I realised that just buying the CD when it was available in Australia would be comparable in  price. She had me with the line "some hearts are built on the floodplain".

I need to keep listening more closely to fully grasp it. But here are some of the lyrics so far, which show why I love Sara (at least I think these are the lyrics, but I could have it wrong).

These patches of joy
These stretches of sorrow
There is enough for today
There’ll be enough tomorrow


How much foolishness and folly
Are allowed in your graceland?
How much doubt and melancholy
Till I’m lost?

As I fall asleep
I have a waking dream
You are standing in the driveway
As I come up the street
I can tell by your movement
You’re not angry
You are waiting there for me

~My Dream

So take up what we’ve be given
Welcome the edge of our days
And in bright sunrise and sunset
By our youth and by our age
Thank God for our dependence
Here’s to our chasm of need
And how it binds us together
In faith and vulnerability

~This Cup

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