Saturday, August 29, 2015

My prize-winning painting

I neglected to mention some exciting news here. A few months ago Philip Miles posted a painting on Facebook page and I thought ‘oh I really like that one’. Only it said it wasn’t for sale. Then came another post saying it would be in an exhibition. So I wondered whether that might be the reason it was not currently for sale. I decided to send Phil a message anyway, just to let him know that if that painting ever did actually go for sale I would be interested. He then said it was a condition of the exhibition that the paintings were available for sale, and also as an acquisitive prize, but if that didn’t happen I could purchase it. So, basically I had to wait for the first day of the exhibition, see if it was still available, and at that point Phil could buy it for me from. Thankfully that all worked out nicely and I collected the painting on my holiday down in Berry.

It has since won first prize in an Australian Artist Magazine competition in a Landscapes category, so I am now extra chuffed with it.

There is an article in the September 2015 Australian Artist Magazine of some of the inspiration and technique involved, if anyone is interested. It’s called 'The Old Orchard' and is some kind of nostalgic mashup for me. Calls to mind scenes of my childhood and Anne of Green Gables ... It’s also very serene, and features a lot of the greyish green colour that is my current decorating obsession.

Now I just have to muster up the courage to show you what is on the opposite wall, which is something a little odd that I bought in a Salvation Army store.

I have two paintings I paid real money for from artistic friends, and the rest of what I have are op shop finds. The thing about townhouses is that because the side walls are shared and the windows are mostly at each end you get large expanses of wall, and this means much art. I like the gallery wall idea, but I'd say you really need to have all the pieces from scratch rather than just adding things on as you go to make it work.

This is the painting in the frame it came in. It is probably not what I would have chosen, but it works.

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