Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday night wisps

One of my large camellia bushes has begun flowering and is this rather spectacular cerise colour.

So, it's been an unusual couple of weeks. It turns out that what I did in my Friday morning adventure of the last post is tore my calf muscle, the medial head on the gastrocnemius muscle to be precise. In the sports doctor's words "it's not a large tear, but unfortunately it's in a fairly crucial place", near where the muscle adjoins the tendon (and my Achilles tendon was a little swollen but otherwise fine). But it will all be fine and is coming along nicely. I just need to go gently on it and see a physio for a few weeks and should be back to being able jog etc. So I am pleased about that (and also pleased that I can now drive the car again!).

I am still getting to the bottom of the some other abnormalities, but until then it could be anyone of a vast range of things or next to nothing, so I won't drag you through all that (and I will also try to resist googling every known possibility and carrying out extensive self-diagnoses).

I've read a number of books lately that haven't had their moment here, but I just thought I'd drop in for now with a couple of links that align nicely, namely:

- this post by Ann Voskamp for when things aren't working out as we'd hoped (I have racked up  experience with that silence - those times when you work up the courage to send the email or make the call, only to find that you are not deemed worthy of a real response - and the idea of waiting and living with an open hand is one I keep coming back to, and I like the reminder that God himself wants to be our answer).

- and this one by Tim Challies on Why God Makes You Wait, with the same reminder that "a frame is better than a fruition".

My Sunday School class resumes in the morning after a term break. I had decided to take them through The Bible Overview material and have since discovered that the big story of the bible is one of the ten formational pillars to come out of the Here to Stay work, of those things that keep young people engaged with the faith, so that is a heartening coincidence and I will do what I can towards that end.

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