Monday, April 20, 2015

Bus book reading

I won't have internet at home till Wednesday apparently, and supposedly my home phone line is working, though I can't get it to work myself, so hopefully this is not a saga ... And while I know it is good to determine that I am not addicted to the internet or some such thing, it is now becoming frustrating, as when one moves there are a lot of things one might like to look up, like where to get battery-operated sensor lights, bus timetables, the opening times of recycling centres, what I can buy at Bunnings ... And how does one look things up these days if not online?

But this morning I had an idea, which was to instagram the books I read on the bus and share them here, just for fun and because this is a place for books (my Facebook friends might not appreciate it and I might not share them there - Facebook is not really my sympathetic audience). So, here are the first two.

(Incidentally, a post here was shared on reddit or somewhere the weekend, and this blog has been going nuts since, but I couldn't really access it over the weekend to do anything about it. And right now I am really disappointed, as I just went to the green shed shop and was pondering this frame I liked, and while thinking about it another fellow stood in front of it and looked at it then moved on, but then before I got to it another lady came through the door, picked it up and bought it - bummer! - and note to self: if pondering things in shops pick them up! I'm so annoyed.)

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