Monday, April 13, 2015

At the moment

Hello dear readers. I am writing this on my phone, which is definitely not going to become a way of life, as I can't even see a whole sentence on the screen, but just thought I'd check in. I moved to the new house over the weekend, which all went fine as far as moving goes but is quite the task all the same. I won't have Internet here till the end of the week so can tell tales then.

Tomorrow morning I work out the bus run and am looking forward to the reading time that brings, which might endow this blog with something more interesting than the logistics of my life.

It seems a month ago but I hope everyone had an Easter with a little more time to pause, reflect and wonder than I found here.

Till later, Ali

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Meredith said...

Go well with all those settling in tasks...unpacking, working out what you need, utilities and internet, etc...and look forward to hearing from you when the fog lifts. Yay you.