Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Advice for youngish folks

I read this article on advice for young men quickly a few days ago, didn't take any notice of the author, and thought it was saying good things. I've since realised it's actually written by a friend whom I've known and been in church with here in Australia (once upon a time I even indexed one of his books - on Greek, which was something else), so I read it again more slowly, because people you know are people you know and all that. It has really good things to say to young, and even not so young, men (discovered you can't do strike through in post headings - bummer) women. I've probably ranted enough about men of late, but the first four points apply equally as well to women, and even some of point five, in that women need to have courage in their convictions and some backbone under all that sensitivity and empathising also.

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