Sunday, February 22, 2015

One about dating

I probably shouldn’t post this, because while it starts as a question from a woman, it ends up being addressed to men, and I know we women have our own problems in all this. But I have seen it about on Facebook, and what is amusing is that it is men who have got it sorted who are posting it, and predominantly women who are liking it.

So, here is a dating link.


bec said...

Hey did you delete half your post? The full post showed up in my RSS feed and I just came over to comment that no need to be quiet about dating issues (unless you want to be of course) - I love your perspective. But then I saw you had truncated the post let me say I enjoyed what you wrote. :)

Ali said...

Ah thanks Bec. Yes, I deleted it, because I felt later like I was ranting :) ... and didn't want to be a bitter and twisted single woman - or something. But the whole sodding business is exasperating. :)