Thursday, January 08, 2015

Let it be the one business of my life

Today was my first day back at work for 2015. Boo hoo. I do actually like my job, and the people I work with, but, still, it meant back to spending my time doing what other people pay me to do rather than just amusing myself. I actually ended up with a few days just pottering around home this week. I was meant to have a dear old childhood friend visiting from Saturday to Wednesday, but instead of getting on the plane to come she went to emergency at the hospital, with some disconcerting MS symptoms (she was diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago, which is a shame).

I was so looking forward to having a those days with someone to go places with (I’ve been writing a list since I moved to Canberra) and talk to and this old friend is a kindred spirit, who values and appreciates what I value and appreciate. She was exceptionally bright in school, particularly in maths, so she went off to Sydney to study actuarial studies, because that is what you do if you’re a maths whizz, worked for a year in some high-flying firm in Sydney, loathed and detested it, so she went and did a Dip Ed and she has been teaching primary children at the Christian School back in Tamworth, where she lives in a little old cottage, ever since. And loves it. These days she sends letters full of poetry and personal book reviews and asks me to go along on her overseas adventures (but it’s a while since I’ve had the time or money to be in those).

It’s strange when plans are so dramatically diverted. Obviously God didn’t want her to come to Canberra just now, and I wonder if that’s for my sake or hers, or both. Probably both since it affects us both, and then I wonder why ... But I doubt I am likely to find an answer to that anytime soon.

I did enjoy just mooching around in Canberra all the same. I wasn’t nearly as productive as I thought I could have been with three days off at home, but I did clean out a few things, and found curious writings on scraps of paper scattered about. So here, for a new year, are two quotes from John Wesley that I found on a small red piece of paper for you. I have absolutely no idea where I got them from unfortunately, but I suspect it was from something to do with prayer.
O God, fill my soul with so entire a love of Thee that I may love nothing but for Thy sake and in subordination to Thy love. Give me grace to study Thy knowledge daily that the more I know Thee, the more I may love Thee. Create in me a zealous obedience to all Thy commands, a cheerful patience under all Thy chastisements, and a thankful resignation to all Thy disposals. Let it be the one business of my life to glorify Thee by every word of my tongue, by every work of my hand, by professing Thy truth, and by engaging all men, so far as in me lies, to glorify and love Thee.
John Wesley
Take Thou the full possession of my heart. Raise there Thy throne, and command there as Thou dost in heaven. Being created by Thee, let me live to Thee. Being created for Thee, let me ever act for Thy glory. Being redeemed by Thee, let me render unto Thee what is Thine, and let my spirit ever cleave to Thee alone.
John Wesley


Chris L said...

thanks for sharing Ali! I might write this out for the to attach near my desk. I like to have a verse or something pithy handwritten for each year. That I can keep looking at. This is a great candidate!

And sorry to hear your plans for a good catchup with a freind didn't work out.

Ali said...

Thanks Chris! And a Happy New Year to you and yours.