Monday, December 15, 2014

Last time I was in a Lindt cafe

So, it’s a sad and strange day here in Australia. Obviously there are a lot of factors to be considered in the siege situation in Martin Place, but my first thought was that the last time I was in a Lindt café was Boxing Day last year in Melbourne CBD for a treat with my two nieces. And to think I could have been sitting there with those two dear girls, taking a break from their merry shopping, relishing their hot chocolates and ice-cream, and suddenly been confronted with such a drama just makes me shudder. So, I feel for and pray for those people caught inside.

(I know it’s got nothing to do with anything, but here’s a recent picture of my two gorgeous nieces. My sister got a new phone, and the first day she had it she found this picture on it. They are so lovely and fun.)

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