Wednesday, October 08, 2014

A flower show

After carrying on like George Costanza last night, I thought I would post some flowers.

Every year there is a flower show of sorts here in Canberra called Floriade. There are a lot of flower beds laid out around a portion of the lake, a ferris wheel to see the patterns in the flowers from above and that sort of caper. A few weeks ago a dear friend, Margaret, who I described discovering as a kindred spirit here, came down from Sydney on the train for the day and we dawdled about in the sunshine, which was a real blessing. She almost missed the return train that evening because we were then too busy talking in the National Library CafĂ©, so I drove like a hoodlum and came to a rapid stop in front of the train station with about one minute to spare. The day was a treat.

I think we were a fraction early for the flower beds to be at their most spectacular, but here are a few pictures. I'm so shattered by the weekend switch to daylight saving and subsequent nights of messed up sleep just now that I think I'm going to go to bed soon.


Karen said...

I love those magnolia photos :) We used to have a magnolia tree in our front yard when we lived in Toowoomba but when I was up there recently and drove past our old place, I saw it had been cut down to make room for a carport. The carport was something we would have loved when we lived there but I was sad that the magnolia had to be sacrificed...

Ali said...

Ah, that's such a shame. I believe they grow very slowly also. I do love them too. They're so strange the way they grow these monstrous flowers on their leaf-less twigs.