Monday, September 08, 2014

A painted winter evening

I made an impulse buy the other day, and bought this little painting from The Green Shed Shop, otherwise known as the tip shop. They have this fabulous set up here where you take all your junk out to the Council tip, and there is a huge shed where anything sellable is given a second chance to be appreciated or useful, and then other folks can come and take your junk away for next to nothing. And they have recently opened up a real shopfront in the city where they sell the better junk, and that is where I spied this little painting for a whole $20 (and was tempted to buy an old plywood Sindy Caravan – but what in the world would I do with such a thing).

For some reason I liked this. I doubt it’s a work of any extraordinary artistic talent, and one probably shouldn't paint a tree of equal size on either side of painting, but it’s tranquil, and it’s actually a painting of Lake Burley Griffin here in Canberra, which I thought was nice. The frame is terribly old-fashioned and I am not into gold gilt anythings as a rule, but I am liking the retro look, for now.

I’m pleased to have original artworks of sentimental value or significance, rather than prints, if that is at all a financially feasible thing to have.

I searched on the artist’s name, to see whether I had accidentally bought myself an undiscovered masterpiece, and there was a Nan Roberts of renown out Wagga Wagga way, who ran a radio station with her husband, started up a women’s club, has an aged-care residence named after her and died in 1958, but I have no way of knowing whether it was the same Nan Roberts.

The painting turned out to be a bit too white and blueish to go in my living area where I had in mind to hang it, but it looks very nice in my bedroom, which is dusty blue.

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