Sunday, August 24, 2014

A poem - The Other Half

A lovely friend, whom I actually first met through this blog, gave me a copy of Judith Wright's Collected Poems 1942-1985 recently for my birthday. I have been enjoying reading through them and discovering new poems. One that I have been moved by thus far is called The Other Half. It is reminiscent in content of Dietrich Bonhoeffers Who am I? and Sigfried Sassoon’s Alone (though I don't know whether she is being rather Freudian in reference to dreams).

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The self that night undrowns when I’m asleep
travels beneath the dumb days that I give,
within the limits set that I may live,
and beats in anger on the things I love.
I am the cross it bears, and it the tears I weep.

Under the eyes of light my work is brief.
Day sets on me the burdens that I carry.
I face the light, the dark of me I bury.
My silent answer and my other half,
we meet at midnight and by music only.

Yet there’s a word that I would give to you:
the truth you tell in your dumb images
my daylight self goes stumbling after too.
So we may meet at last, and meeting bless,
and turn into one truth in singleness.

Judith Wright

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