Thursday, July 03, 2014

The pelican-in-her-piety again

Here are a couple more pictures of the pelican-in-her-peity, taken about the place on my phone, just incase you thought I was exaggerating that story. I've read that it is often given the body of a swan and the head of an eagle, which looks to be true in at least some instances, but makes one wonder why bother then calling it a pelican. 

I've also been informed that there is a pelican sundial in the courtyard of Corpus Christi College in Oxford, erected in 1581, and discovered it is on the coat of arms for that college. Apparently this college has had for a long time a reputation as specializing and excelling in Classics, and the college's historical significance includes its role in the translation of the King James Bible (all from Wikipedia). So, now you know. I'm curious as to whose idea it was to use it here in Canberra.

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