Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sunday - Endless Reserves

Today I post a Newspaper Blackout poem by Austin Kleon, called Endless Reserves.

This is true, but only if you fight any bitterness and the ensuing stinginess with love by filling yourself from God's endless reserves, if you were to ask me. In the face of a realisation of misplaced trust or of unrequited or rejected love, it's oh so easy to resolve and mutter to oneself "I am never ever going to __ again" or "that is the last time I am giving anything of myself at all to __" (believe me, I have so muttered) or the end of all risk-taking or making yourself vulnerable. But that's also a fast track to heart atrophy.

And if we can only see that in Christ love is renewable, what are we really going to lose? There isn't any need to freeze people out or withdraw yourself from them because you feel like you gave away too much love. So, I like this.

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