Sunday, July 20, 2014

Snow adventures

Well, the snow adventure is sadly over. But here is a picture of my sister's family that I snapped in the snow, which turned out rather nicely, and then some evidence that I was in on the tobogganing. Tobogganing is super fun, I have to say. I think I enjoyed myself as much as the kids. You can't really tell in the pictures, but if you got a good run from high up the hill you could go flying down the mountain at quite a pace. There was a while after lunch when my brother-in-law had been excused from child-minding responsibility to go snowboarding, and my sister was at the bottom of the tobogganing hill building another snowman with my nieces, and I was going up and down with my five-year-old nephew and we had a hoot. I'd let him set off wherever he went, then try to steer down after him, which was at times challenging (the steering power on these things is limited!).

I am up there somewhere with my nieces, in pink.

Ready, set ...


Not the most lady-like set up happening here, but it worked a whole lot better if you could get your feet up on the toboggan, and the little one loved it.

We must have been moving too fast! (I was just wearing a down jacket that I had already, but the lack of a water-proof/wind-proof hood became an issue. If you are going to the snow, I highly recommend hoods!)

Preparing for run number 650 ...

The nephew leads the way.

Just cruising by.

The little people loving it.

This one was a little trooper and would happily do it herself (she just needed dummy when she started tiring and by 2.30 pm she was dissolving and ready to go to sleep in the car back down the mountain).

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