Tuesday, July 08, 2014

A winter holiday

I did eleven and a half hours of freelance work over the weekend to get material off to press, when my plan is to aim for about six hours a week, so I am having a bit of spell this week, thus the messing about listening to music on youtube.

Then I actually have next week off, which is going to be very welcome. Holidays can be difficult as a single person, trying to come up with someone to go somewhere with, at a mutually amenable time, and you tend to jump at opportunities that present themselves. Consequently this one’s a bit premature with the new job but has come up in opportunistic fashion as my sister and her family from Queensland will be down in the snow on a winter holiday and asked if I would like to meet up with them there, so I ran it by work and they are very kindly letting me have the time off. In some ways I should perhaps not be doing it as I keep telling myself that I need to plan holidays better and not just end up visiting extended family in ad hoc fashion. Also when you catch up with families as a single person you usually find yourself simply tagging along and fitting in with whatever they are doing, without thinking too much about it, which can be good but is not always the best way to have a rest. Next week I will be tagging along on a family holiday, but I don’t have to fly to Queensland to do it, and it will be very nice to see them and spend time with the little nieces and nephew who are growing up way too fast and to play in the snow.

Then next time, I will say it again, I will plan a holiday properly. There is actually somewhere that many years ago, in perhaps rather silly fashion, I thought would be a nice place to go for a honeymoon. Then a colleague at my previous work actually went there for a honeymoon recently and showed us all pictures, which reminded me that I’d always wanted to go there. I’ve given up hope of being asked on a honeymoon, because you probably have to be asked on a date to get there, but have resolved to go myself. The prohibitive factor has always been that there are things I would like to do there that it is not particularly wise or safe to do as a woman on your own, but I have now reached the place of not caring, because going with a girlfriend doesn’t make much difference in that respect in any case, and I don’t have so many girl friends who enjoy hiking and the outdoors, and you can’t go away with guys unless you go in a group, and I don’t have a group, and I am not going to ask men to go places either, because that just makes them uncomfortable and henceforth in my life I am leaving it to men to do all asking, and men can go away on outdoorsy adventures with their mates for a blokesy time without having women trailing along so aren’t likely to ask me to go, and so I shall go by myself, or I’ll never get there. And if harm comes my way you can all say “she died doing something she loved” as they always do. So, that is my plan. Having blogged it hopefully that spurs me to make it happen.

I’ve also started investigating local bushwalking clubs, because I’d like to be able to get out and explore places, without going solo into the wilds.

So I've started a novel in preparation for holidays and am reading Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh, which has been on the list for a long time. So far, so good! I shall keep you informed ...


Georgina said...

Do it!!

Ali said...

Thanks George. I will! You seem to be having a good time on your scuba diving holidays - good for you. I haven't ventured into organised tours etc yet, but maybe I will.