Saturday, June 21, 2014


I don't spend a whole lot of time listening to Cold Play, but I keep watching this video, because they filmed it just a few days ago about a block from where I lived in Sydney. This was my very local strip of King St Newtown, if you will. If you walked across the park from my place and to the end of the street you ended up in the square next to the Town Hall where they end up in this video (which was full of markets like white elephant stalls on weekends, and is across the road from the train station) and I have walked down the block they walk down singing countless times. Love that street.


bec said...

I only just watched it. It's really quite sweet, isn't it? Just kind of happy and up. I like it.

Ali said...

Yes. I like it. Good for a spot of Saturday morning house dancing.

Though it's a shame in a way - they advertised on twitter for fans to come down apparently, so all the people in the video are Cold Play fans, rather than some of the more "eclectic" residents and usual characters on the street (because let's face it, Cold Play is probably a bit too mainstream and un-obscure for King St).