Monday, June 23, 2014


I know I’m not really allowed to post this, it being an article written by a man to other men, but firstly, it did make me laugh (just whatever you do don’t even glance at the appalling comments – that’s a special little piece of the internet). "Vicinitizing" needs to be a word. And secondly, while it’s not saying women aren’t also to blame, I don’t know too many women who’d be complaining about this particular proposal.

(The truth is, I am completely exhausted with the whole scenario myself, and with finding myself in situations (perhaps this is just my flawed perceptions) where, for reasons I never really understand, I feel like a man is leaving it to me to work things out, and to take action and risk everything (and might get cross or upset with me or blame me for it all if I don’t) – which I find a very stressful place to be (and obviously it comes about because the guy is a bit "whatever" about things, so it is also discouraging). And I just scratch my head and think, well he is the guy and anytime he’d like to step up and sort it out or communicate something, he is welcome to. I like this ‘real, live relationship’ idea. That is all.)

And to add to that here is a little article from The School of Life about why we're probably not such great communicators:
It’s no surprise if we sometimes think that communication will never work out. We have failed so often in the past. Our history is full of failed attempts. We’ve tried to tell our partner something and it hasn’t worked. So, we give up. Forever.

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