Friday, April 04, 2014

Some little things of beauty

It’s been one of those weeks in which I feel like I deserve a medal just for showing up. At the risk of too much detail, I got up on Monday morning after that last post, went out for a jog in a thick fog, and no sooner walked in the door of home than I felt rather terrible, and felt steadily more terrible as the day went on, with a raging sore throat and cough developing. So I tried going to bed early again prior to the early-morning commute North, only to wake up at 2 am with a pain all around my head that result in throwing-up; a result of some kind of migraine/tension headache. I did my best with that, then went back to bed before getting up at 5.30 am for Sydney. Then the rest of the week contained a cough in which every involuntary heave was a small agony (never have I had a cough that hurt so badly), which did its best to keep me awake at night, and general exhaustion and unwellness. But here I am.

So for Friday, I just thought I might show you my new pot plants. I am excited to have some nice plants. I have a little courtyard, and I wanted something in it that would stay green all year, so these are some petite camellias. I had been to Bunnings twice after a particular pot, and they didn’t have any of the matching saucers both times, so I just picked another pot, which I like, but only when I got them home did I realise the pots were exactly the same colour as my fence. Oh well.

I'm stuck with the orange lattice unfortunately (I really dislike orange, I must say) and the rusting fence isn't my responsibility either. My old friend the concrete duck may or may not stay there.

The plants came with promising buds.

And I now have lovely flowers.


bec said...

Goodness! I'm sorry you've been so unwell!

I'm glad you have some camellias - they are one of the most rewarding plants. We have a big hedge of them at the front of our house to screen off the busy main road, and at this time of year it just bursts with flowers, so generously.

Ali said...

Thanks Bec, and I shall be glad if you have not been unwell! - because the friend I stayed with the night before Kathy Keller had a cold, which may or may not have been the source of my cold at least - but obviously I didn't manage to give it to you, when I was in closer proximity to you than to her really. So, who knows.

Yes, I am loving the camellias! I hope they get enough sun to do will in my spot, but I shall do my best with them. These are miniature ones, so they have smaller leaves than normal (and smaller flowers). I quite like them.