Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Apostle's Creed again

Sorry folks, I have had a little something else to write of late, and am also trying to put more energy into finding another new job. But a few weeks ago I posted a music video of the Apostles Creed by Third Day and Brandon Heath. I have been thrashing it somewhat ever since and have now found the original by the late Rich Mullins (who suffered the tragic fate of many a good musician). I actually quite like this version too when it gets going, with a bit more 90s rock and drama, even though it sounds like he is going to break into Love is in the Air towards the end. He is playing a hammered dulcimer, which is what I now know is that strange instrument is in the acoustic version. I don’t know whether a church congregation could sing this (it’s a bit tricky round “he was conceived by the Holy Spirit” I think), but it would be super if they could.I could go a little "charo" on this one.


Meredith said...

This is wonderful. Great joy.
Go well with the job hunt.

Ali said...

Yes, it's great isn't it? Could probably do without the theatrical background strings but I do like the drumming.

And thanks on the job front.

EJK said...

I remember hearing this when I was 12, and loving it SO MUCH! I was a weird child who wasn't allowed to listen to the radio, so songs like this made an impact. Had a huge nostalgic moment just now. Thanks for the post!