Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Paul Simon and Sting in concert

I was just looking for something to listen to on youtube yesterday while I checked a few things, and came upon videos of a Paul Simon and Sting concert, in which they sing songs of both artists, that I have been playing since. I think this is a concert I would have to go and see. I do think Sting is a great musician (you only need to watch him play Bach's Cello Concerto on the guitar!) but I don't know that he matches Art Garfunkel's vocals (I pity anyone who has to step in for Art Garfunkel actually). Anyway, the sound is not great on some, and there are other videos out there, but here is a selection:

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Anonymous said...

got me thinking about other great duets of stars and remembered this one of Morten Harket and Scorpions doing winds of change: