Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday - the nephew

It's been a while, and so I thought some of you might like to see a little update on my nephew. He's coming along well, and is just super cute. He has a little catching up to do in weight gain, but other than that is doing fine. You can see his scar in some of these pictures, which looks remarkably good given it's two months since his whole chest was cut open.

A couple of weeks ago one of his big sisters chose his Sunday outfit. I love it (I reckon he's got a few more years in that shirt)!

And another smiley one. He's got dimples.


Meredith said...

Those eyes. Wow!

Ali said...

I know! Not real sure where he got those from, but he looks a lot like one of his older sisters as a baby.

He looks very tiny in these pictures to me but it's hard to tell how big babies are supposed to be.

Anyway, I should also have mentioned how continuously thankful we are that he is still here! It could have been a very different two months if the surgery had not gone well that day.

Meredith said...

He looks just the right size for a baby. And thriving. And yes, very different from a couple of months ago. All thanks to God. I hope your sister is finding life easier now too.

Ali said...

Yes, he is a little small for 5 months, but meeting requirements so far. And he is thriving and doing much better - all thanks to God as you say. And it is definitely easier for my sister, not be staying in hospital with one child or tube feeding and all that, and to be able to take the baby to normal things!

Anyway, thanks so much again for all your care and concern.

Karen said...

He is beautiful, Ali, after his stressful start I'm sure that being a little smaller than average is only to be expected. If he's enjoying his food again, hopefully time will help him catch up.
And putting on my professional hat here just for a little he being followed up by physio/OT/speech pathology to make sure his development is on track for his age?
Thanks for sharing the lovely photos with us.

Ali said...

Hi Karen,

Yes, before the surgery they were having difficulty getting him to feed at all. It was just too much hard work for him, and he is now on a special formula also because his reflux was so bad, which wasn't helping. But he is catching up.

I'm not entirely sure what is being followed up - I know my sister has a bazillion appointments to attend, but what they are all for I don't know. She is a little concerned that he actually has some Pectus carinatum (sternum poking out - sleeping on his side after surgery, for the reflux, might not have helped), which has been seen too and could require a brace later. But other than that I don't think anything has been detected. He had a breathing tube down his throat for quite some time after the surgery, and there is a risk of damage to the larynx from the actual surgery itself, but so far he goos and gaas away, so I guess they won't know for a while about his speech.

Anyway, maybe I'll ask her next time I call.