Sunday, March 30, 2014

A faint bleep

Greetings. I sat down to write a little something, but I don’t think I have it in me to string two sentences together, and feel a desire to go to bed that cannot be ignored. Life is a little rampant (the colleague who gives me a lift to Sydney has infected me with the word “rampant”, which she uses liberally, and for which she blames a former colleague of her own) at the moment. Last week I went up to Sydney for work from early Monday morning to late Wednesday night, worked from home in Canberra for two days, went back to Sydney on Friday afternoon to go to a conference with Kathy Keller on Saturday (met my former flatmate for dinner in IKEA on Friday night (first time I’ve ever eaten in IKEA, and the set-up felt rather like I was either in a communist soviet country or on a church camp, but we certainly had a hearty dinner) to squeeze in a spot of shopping also), then got in the car straight after the conference and drove back to Canberra last night, so I could, you know, wash some clothes, and because I need to be in Canberra for something tomorrow (Monday), and then I will go back to Sydney on Tuesday morning to work for three days. So, after Thursday everything should be less rampant, and I might save any blog ramblings for then.


Catherine said...

Is there such a thing as non-rampant? May it be thus, if there is!

Ali said...

Yes, definitely aiming for non-rampant! Looking forward to getting a little bit of routine back in my life (with a little space on the side for spontaneity). May your week be non-rampant also!

Karen said...

I love the word rampant. Now I want to put it into everyday conversation too!