Friday, February 28, 2014

The genes in my jeans

This is a very silly and trivial post, but it is Friday after all.

Over the course of my life, until the present time, I have been asked more times than I find particularly flattering, such questions as "what sport do you play?" and "how far do you ride your bike?", or been subjected to similar exclamations, ad nauseum. The reason being certain features of my legs, which apparently give the impression that I engage in a lot of athletic activity.

Now, while I do jog, and have in the past had some athletic success, I don't think the jogging would be sufficient on it's own, and this is something of a case of the chicken and the egg. So to shed some light on this whole phenomenon, I thought I would post this old picture of my father (he's the one operating the camera) that was once featured in a brochure advertising some kind of agricultural show (which I am assuming has no extant copyright claims).

What you are supposed to note here are the dimensions of his calf muscles, seen here filling the width of his trousers. And the fact that these were 1970s trousers. They weren't any skinny jeans.

I think this should silence all future discussion of this awkward topic. There is simply no escaping the input of our ancestors, for better or for worse. I think I would need to be almost skeletal before I had any "thigh gap" to speak of. Such is life.

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