Thursday, February 20, 2014

A family birthday

I have been away for a week for a family gathering to celebrate my Pa's 90th birthday, and feel way behind on all things online, but here are some photos. 

This is my amazing 90-year-old Pa with his brown hair.

I don't post that many pictures of myself, but here I am in conversation with Pa (with weird-looking hair myself). He's still mentally "with it" and reads theology books and drives the car and so on.

This is just me standing by an old petrol pump in from of the entry to the Queensland Auto Museum, which is where this event was held. We enjoyed some scones, then a tour of the museum, and then lunch in the retro cafe.

I have about a bazillion photos of old things inside the museum, which looked a bit like this.

But this was apparently Slim Dusty's caravan. My Aunt and I wanted to tow this away and park it in the back yard for doing crafty creative things.

This one is my niece staring in amazement at a juke box.

And here is my Nan and Pa with my uncle who lives here in Canberra and who gave a little speech. Nan and Pa have six children, eighteen grand-children and twelve great grand-children at last count. All six children and their spouses made it, but there were six grand-children (and a lot of spouses of grandchildren and the great-grandchildren) missing as they are scattered to the winds, but it was a special time to gather together.

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