Monday, January 20, 2014

The nephew, post surgery

For those who've prayed and cared, here is the little patient with his breathing tube (and a good many other lines and wires and drains) out. I think he is going to leave ICU today.

He still has a way to go to recover from some pulmonary hypertension (which will hopefully resolve over time) and an infection, and further improvement is needed with his heart function, but he is doing well.


Gordon Cheng said...

Thanks for the update. Poor little kid.

Ali said...

Thanks Gordon! Yes, the poor thing has morphine withdrawal now, but hopefully they can rid him of that!

MamaMeow said...

I think about him everyday and how glad I am that he is improving and doing well. Will continue to keep him close in my prayers. And your family, too. My best wishes to all of you.

Ali said...

Oh thank you again Judith! Yes, we are so very glad here.

His heart repair job appears to have been well done. He has had a couple of episodes since with a very high heart rate, but they now think that is a side effect of one of the medications, so it's a complicated business.

And best wishes to you also!