Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday - A Poem

If any of you are my friend on Facebook (which seems a rather primary-school sort of phrase to come out with) you might have noticed that I participated in a little poetry sharing fun of late. Because Simone knows poetry, I assigned her someone modern and a little obscure, a poet by the name of Norman MacCaig. I have posted some of his poems here before after I came across them and thought today I’d share another today.

I’m not particularly good at maintaining any personal boundaries (and I am not particularly convinced of the Christ-likeness of much of the notion of boundaries either), so this poem amuses me. It’s actually more about controlling your own thoughts, and what becomes of them in "winter snows", but I think you can apply it more broadly also (our external boundaries can topple over then also).

Red Deer in Snow, by Robert Chapman-Firth, from here.


My summer thoughts, meek hinds, keep their own ground.
They graze and drowse and never think to roam
Beyond the pale of what they think is home --

A landscape with one fence, and that for deer.
Yet though it’s seven feet high and so seems fit,
In winter snows they walk right over it.

Norman MacCaig

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