Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A further update

So things didn't go brilliantly yesterday for my nephew. He was to go in for surgery at 8 am, but they ended up needing to do two emergency procedures (at least one of which was a transplant) that took all day. The problem was that they were fasting my nephew while they waited. He ended up screaming from hunger and so upset that his heart-rate soared enormously and they needed to sedate him. Babies with holes in their heart are easily distressed, as it's hard work just being alive, and the less disturbance the better.

So he woke with a high temperature this morning, but they are going ahead (hopefully) with surgery this afternoon anyway. However, he is last on the list because he has VRE (the superbug he picked up at Monash) and they don't want to spread it, so it's going to be a long day. Furthermore, the cardiac people at this hospital think the coarctation (or narrowing) of the aorta, which they'd stopped mentioning previously, is actually contributing significantly to his problems, not the hole alone. So they are going to fix this also. The issue is that this carries much greater risks (something to do with shutting of the blood supply to the spine while they do it, which can possible cause paralysis and a number of other things). So, any prayers would be very much appreciated - for skill and wise decisions from the surgeons, peace for the parents ...

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