Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas ...

Merry Christmas one and all.

Apologies, this year well and truly went out with a whimper.

But I now have two weeks leave, and am looking forward to a break from work and going back and forth to Sydney. I actually left it way too late to buy a plane ticket to Queensland this year, as I didn’t really know what was happening (with my nephew potentially needing surgery and all), and so then I contemplated staying here for Christmas, as it would be nice to have Christmas in my own place and town and not have to travel elsewhere one year, but the reality is, even if I could find somewhere to go for Christmas lunch there is still Christmas Eve and Boxing Day and all those other days that I would just be hanging around by myself, and it probably would get lonely and I’d end up feeling blue, so I am now getting on another sodding bus soon and going back to Melbourne. I imagine there I will do a lot of helping, as my nephew has been back into hospital twice, and is now being fed through a tube, and is just generally wearing everybody out and scaring the life out of them with his struggles. But it will be good to be there again.

So, hope you all have a joyful time celebrating our Saviour’s birth, and a rest as well.

Till next time, Ali

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