Monday, December 02, 2013

One about prayer

I still don’t seem to be on top of this head cold (the nose blowing! - where does all the goop come from? – you’d think I’d hadn’t blown my nose for 20 years), and felt inexplicably overwhelmed with weariness on both Saturday on Sunday afternoon, leading to a couch snooze. But the good news is that I went on a weekend frenzy, mostly online, and am done with Christmas shopping.

I am still reading A Praying Life by Paul Miller (and I have no idea how far through it I am, because that is how it is when you're reading on a Kindle), and being challenged by it. I don’t spend half as much time praying for others as I could and should, and one of the big things I have learnt is that there are times I should spend less time and energy trying to talk to other people about whatever I happen to want to talk about (even though I am a big conflict avoider in the first place), and more time talking to God about it.

To that end I found this little diagram helpful, for those times when there is a problem and I haven’t bothered praying about it, or have given up praying about it. And so I cheat and take a photo.


Margaret Meandering said...

Thanks Ali, love that diagram and your analysis.

Ali said...

Ah, nice to have you come by Margaret! I must send you an actual message over there!