Monday, December 02, 2013

Christmas decorating

You will just have to indulge me here, because I have actually decorated a "real" Christmas tree this year, so I thought I'd show you. It's fun. I didn't really want to buy a plastic tree that had to be stored in a big box somewhere till next year, and had in mind a little twiggy something to hang my few paltry decorations on. Then one day last week, on my way down to the letterbox, I came upon this branch under a big old pine tree in the driveway, and I decided it had potential. Perhaps I am nuts. But here it is. 

I only have a handful of scrappy old decorations, mostly cast offs from my Mum, but I have plans to make some more in future (after searching all over Canberra in search of some 5 ply red yarn I ordered some online). I liked the crocheted words, which I found after Christmas one year in Koorong for about 50 cents, and I like the hand-painted ball around the back that I bought at the Made Fair Markets we used to run at my church in Sydney, and of course I like my crocheted star from last year. So, this is the tree by day.

And this is the tree in the window by night, just to make sure you see all it's facets. :) The words show up nicely here.

I do have a few other random ornaments in my newly christened "Christmas Box". Some Babushkas that my Aunt sent one year, which, again, my Mum decided she didn't want anymore.

Some carolling people I bought years ago in Sweden (originally given to my Mum, who decided she didn't want them anymore either).

Some sweet little people I bought in Austria years ago also.

Some other folks I found in Vinnies one time.

A hand painted glass bauble that I bought one year when I was going to St Andrew's Cathedral in Sydney. It has the Christmas story painted around it, and is a bit too precious to hang on my twiggy branch this year.

Some cardinal birds on a candle-holder that Mum didn't want anymore. I love this and I snatched it up. It might be absurd, as we have neither cardinals nor snow here, but red birds in winter, and cardinals in particular, have become a kind of symbol of hope in my mind. It all started with the poem Red Bird by Mary Oliver, and the song From This One Place, by Sara Groves. To me the idea, or the metaphor, goes with the story of Christmas, when Christ came as the hope of the world, a light shining in a dark place.

And I thought I would stuff these little hand-knitted finger puppets I bought in Berrima and turn them into Christmas decorations. Because why not. I don't see why Little Red Riding Hood can't hang on my tree, and I like sheep and alpacas.

I have a few more random things, like the whole herd of white felted reindeers I bought for $1 each in MYER after Christmas last year, but this will be all for now.


Anonymous said...

it's not the size of the tree in the Christmas, it's the size of the Christmas in the tree! And I think you have accomplished that.

Ali said...

Thanks Anon. One can't help being rather sentimental, and Christmas is just the moment!