Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Where I have been

Diarising blog posts are perhaps of little interest to all but a few, but let me just fill you in on the last few days. My removalist truck arrived at 7 am last Thursday morning. I was dubious when I saw the size of the truck. I had sent a list of my things to the company, who said they would send the “king” truck, but I had a suspicion this was not the king truck. Consequently it took them four hours to pack it up like Tetris and they finished up holding stuff in while they closed the doors on it. The truck then left, and I ran around madly loading things into my car, then left also, only to get stuck in the M5 over an “incident”, which turned out to be a truck broken down in one lane of the tunnel. Still, I beat the truck to Canberra. I don’t know what they did, but it took them a long time.

My Aunt was already at my new place, where she had placed some welcome “home” roses from a garden in a jar and was busy cleaning out my fridge etc. We unpacked some things and spent a few hours there, but then I went out to their place for the night, because it was too hard to find linen for the bed etc.

Friday morning I left and came back to Sydney for the clean-up of the old place. I spent the afternoon scrubbing the tiles on the balcony, cleaning the wind-out awning we never used but which was dirty anyway, washing down the outside of the sliding doors, cleaning my blinds (which I discovered were dirtier than I realized on the back because I always leave a window open in my room), wiping walls, cleaning out the air-conditioner, the ceiling vents etc. I had left a roll-out camp mattress behind to sleep on back in Sydney, but I must be going soft, or had too much to think about, because, tired as I was, I was still awake at 1 am and then work up at 5.30.So, Saturday I got up and tackled the shower and bathroom, the kitchen, the light fittings and so on. My flatmate didn’t get home till later on the Friday evening, and then her removal came at 7.30 am Saturday morning, and she didn’t return till 12.00pm, so I did the vast majority of the cleaning myself.

Finally I was ready to leave about 1 pm, with nothing left to do but the kitchen bench, and the carpet cleaners were coming at 2pm. So I set off, only to be faced with another “incident” in the M5 tunnel, which involved crawling along and coming to a complete stop several times inside it. Oh how I hate that tunnel! Sydney, you can keep the M5. This just about finished me. I could have just gone to sleep right there in the tunnel. I then made it as far as a road house at Pheasant’s Nest where I was so desperate that I bought coffee out of a machine in the 7 eleven store and a packaged sandwich, because I hadn’t eaten anything since a bread roll I had kept from the day before for breakfast. Then I staggered on to Canberra, with my car just about exploding from all the bits and pieces I had left behind, which I had underestimated.

But finally I made it back to Canberra. My Aunt and Uncle came around and helped unpack and were marvelous (my uncle had me in fits of giggles as he exclaimed over my things - he decided to unpack my books, so he had some fun with that). We ate take-away pizza in the middle of the boxes and chaos and it was actually kind of fun.

This Aunt and Uncle they have been so amazingly kind to me. As I mentioned before, my Uncle fixed me a microwave, then he set up a TV, set-top box and DVD player for me on a cardboard box (the important things - I might even work out what is on TV!), they gave me an old kettle, loaned me a vacuum cleaner, came around on Sunday with a fold-up dining table and so it went on. I might sound like I owned nothing, but the reality is that basically all the furniture and kitchen goods in the last place were mine, except the dining table, the microwave and the kettle (oh and the TV). Also, when we moved in I owned the fridge, the washing machine, and the vacuum, but when they broke down my flatmate replaced them with a fridge she already owned at her parent’s house and a few new things. You go through cycles in flatting when you own the appliances and when you don’t. I was in a not-owing phase, but at least I don’t have to go out and get them all at once right now.

So, I still can’t quite believe I managed to pull the whole thing off and am pleased that it is now over.

It is so nice to have family in a town to help out in the big things (a couple of old friends down there also offered to help also when I told them I was moving, which was kind of them – being someone who doesn’t readily ask people for help it is nice when people offer and you don’t need to).

Monday morning I had to get up at 5.30 am to come back up to Sydney, making it six times travelling that road in eight days, and I was so wrecked yesterday at work I could hardly think straight. Then last night I went and stayed in this strange place in Balmain (that is another story) but hopefully from this point on I can get it all sorted and catch up on some sleep. I’ve also been eating junky bits of stuff here and there and not doing much in the way of actual exercise in the last couple of weeks, because I have been all over the place, so I feel a little blergh and hope to return to some kind of normal soon. I'm also looking forward to reading time on the bus back, which might provide some more interesting fuel for blogging!

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