Saturday, November 16, 2013


Well boo. My sister took my new little nephew to see the paediatrician last Wednesday, and the paediatrician sent him to hospital. He’s showing signs of heart failure, and having difficulties earlier than they might have anticipated. The cardiologist now wants to do surgery next month. It would seem that perhaps the earliest he can have that the better. But he needs to put on some weight first and have his heart rate slow down. So, that is the next thing to pray for.

Meanwhile I am still pottering around trying to unpack in Canberra. I’m at that point where the place just looks like a mess now with random left-over bits scattered about waiting to find their place. I have rented a two-bedroom place here, for less than the price of a studio in Sydney, but it is just as well because there is no garage or shed or linen cupboard and the laundry is in the bathroom, so all the things they might have contained have ended up in the second wardrobe. And it is nice to get some of the furniture that was crammed up in my bedroom previously into a "study". Today I went in search of a washing machine, as when the friends who were going to give me one did a test run on theirs sparks flew out of it, so that option didn’t work. So I am now doing a load of washing, which is a marvel when it’s been a while since you’ve been able to do one.

But for Saturday, here is another temperament-type analysis I stole off facebook. I am occasionally told I look like Cate Blanchett, so this seemed apt for me. Click on it and it should get bigger.


Karen said...

Will pray for your little nephew, Ali, that his health and weight will reach the point when surgery can be done safely. Take care xx

Ali said...

Thanks Karen. Yes, the poor little mite has a hurdle ahead of him, and the rest of the family is coming unstuck with Mum back in hospital (feel sorry for my oldest niece too who is trying to do exams etc and losing it because she is falling behind) but hopefully the baby can put on enough weight that he can be ready for the surgery and also go home again for a spell before it.

Aimee said...

Hey, just read this. Welcome to Canberra! Let us know if you need help with anything! Will pray for your nephew too.

Ali said...

Why thanks Aimee! I am still to get around to looking up folks here, but would love to catch up sometime! Hope you are all well.

CharlieK said...

Sorry to hear about your nephew's difficulties...

Thank you for the post of the Personality chart, I found it quite a bit of fun. I think because I enjoyed my character being cast as one of the heroes.

A good find :-)

Hope you adjust to life and the commute to Canberra.