Saturday, November 23, 2013

A thing or two

I feel like I spent days of last week just executing logistics of transporting myself and my things.

(My colleague who commutes to Sydney, and who is responsible for this lark, had a week of leave, so I was left to find my own way, which made the whole thing seem that much crazier. So on Tuesday morning I walked out early, very early, and hopped on a bus I had discovered near my house down to the main bus station in Canberra, got the bus to Sydney, walked from Central Station to work. Getting up at 5.30 am and walking through the doors at work at 11.00 am is not the most efficient thing I have ever done, but it did work. (There didn’t seem much point in me driving my own car, since I don’t have all the magic car-parking arrangements my colleague has and would have nowhere to leave my car throughout the day.) Then I walked to and from work for a couple of days, leaving and rotating portions of my stuff at work so I didn’t have to carry it unnecessarily back and forth. On Thursday morning I had a meeting in at the Attorney-General’s Department, to discuss a product I work on (when it’s unusual for me to have off-site meetings), so I went straight into the city, taking my gear with me. Then it was back to work, then back down to Central Station later for the bus, then on to the next bus and finally home. Thus I felt like I spent days just getting myself about making sure I had the right belongings with me.)

I’ve since come down with a rotten head cold, which is no very great surprise after the last few weeks, but hopefully I can bounce back, so I can do it all again.

On the bus I have been reading A Praying Life, by Paul Miller, on the Kindle, when I wasn’t snoozing. There is much goodness in it. You can read about it here, here, and here. It’s not quite so easy to flag and re-find the good stuff on the Kindle, but hopefully I can post a thing or two when I get myself back together.

In the meantime, I have taken a few moments to sit on the couch and make a little something to put in with my Mum’s birthday present. Christmas is coming alarmingly fast. This little stocking is made from the same yarns I used in the rug I made for her. She has committed sacrilege and abandoned traditional Christmas colours for these ones, but it's her tree and her house, so I let her do it and suffer to go along. The pattern is here.


Catherine said...

It all sounds exhausting Ali! No wonder at all that you have been sick. Hope it all settles into normality soon.

Ali said...

I'm sure it will Cath! Looking forward to you joining me in it :).