Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It is not finished

The poem I recently posted, by G.A. Studdert Kennedy, found in an article by Bruce Smith in the CASE Magazine, sent me off after this Mr Studdert Kennedy. So, here is another of his poems.


It is not finished, Lord.
There is not one thing done,
There is no battle of my life,
That I have really won.
And now I come to tell Thee
How I fought to fail,
My human, all too human, tale
Of weakness and futility.
And yet there is a faith in me,
That Thou wilt find in it
One word that Thou canst take
And make
The centre of a sentence
In Thy book of poetry.
I cannot read this writing of the years,
My eyes are full of tears,
It gets all blurred, and won’t make sense
It’s full of contradictions
Like the scribblings of a child,
Such wild, wild
Hopes, and longing as intense
As pain, which trivial deeds
Make folly of—or worse:
I can but hand it in, and hope
That Thy great mind, which reads
The writings of so many lives,
Will understand this scrawl
And what it strives
To say—but leaves unsaid.
I cannot write it over,
The stars are coming out,
My body needs its bed.
I have no strength for more,
So it must stand or fall—Dear Lord—
     That’s all.

From The Unutterable Beauty, by G.A. Studdert Kennedy.


Rebecca said...

I like this poem. I think I will copy it off in my devotional journal.

On a completely separate note, I wanted to share this article about words that cannot be translated. Perhaps you've already seen the website called Maptia? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ella-frances-sanders/11-untranslatable-words-f_b_3817711.html

Ali said...

Rebecca, I think that is a fine place for it!

I have already seen that website, but thank you! (I think I blogged some of these a while back, or maybe I put them on Facebook). I do love a good untranslatable word.

EJK said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing a new poet. I might try to introduce this in my English class :)

Ali said...

Glad you like it Erin! There has been a sad dearth of poetry here of late, but hopefully I can rectify that soon. Hope it goes well with the English class if you do try it.