Friday, October 25, 2013

Introducing baby David

So, here is baby David Alaistair. He is named after my sister's (and thus mine obviously) father and my brother-in-law's father, who are both long departed.

I had to put this photo in, because it's an hilarious face and finger placement from the nurse (after his first bath).

My sister went to the obstetrician on Wednesday, they were concerned that the baby didn't have enough fluid around it, so they decided to induce my sister that day. They broke my sister's waters sometime around 11pm and he arrived at 3:39 am on Thursday. He's super cute, was 2870 grams and 48 cm long, and he's doing well. 

The neonatal cardiologist came around yesterday to the echocardiogram on his heart. He does still have a slight narrowing of the aorta, which they will watch but are not presently concerned about (it seems that if that was going to be a problem, it would already have been a problem), and he does have a "medium-sized" hole in his heart. This is also a "wait and see" scenario for now, as it might shrink as he grows, but if it doesn't and he appears to get breathless during feeding, they might need to intervene. But, all possibilities considered, this is relatively good news, and we are very thankful to God for that. He can leave special care, and probably come home next week, which is great. (I spent yesterday loitering around the special care nursery, with twelve of the littlest littlest people around ... so tiny and sweet.

I got on a bus out of Sydney at 7 pm on Wednesday, which got me in to Melbourne at 6:30 am. That wasn't my best night. I thought I would have the seat to myself but we picked up two extra passengers in Liverpool, one of who was seated next to me and tried to sleep sideways in her chair and crossed her seat boundaries. But it's quite convenient really because I just went from Central in Sydney, and got in to Southern Cross Station in Melbourne, and it cost me $60 (couldn't believe it was so cheap actually) without all that airport palaver. Then I walked around the train station mystified over how and where I could actually get a train ticket, till I asked a cafe guy who sent me to the right place, where they explained this Myki system. Dear State of Victoria, this is a very un-visitor friendly public transport system. I caught a train to Clayton, picked a friendly looking local and got directions to the hospital and was there before 8 am. (Suitcases on wheels are the world's greatest invention, are they not?)

Here's a couple of pictures I Instagrammed. I got sick of trying to do things on my phone yesterday and gave it up. But this is my first cuddle of little David, and when he meet his sisters.

So, thank you for all your prayers! He's such a blessing.


MamaMeow said...


Babies are God's smallest miracles.
My love and congratulations go out to you and your family on his safe
arrival. Little David is truly the most beautiful baby.

Karen said...

He's just gorgeous, Ali. I love newborns!

So glad everything went well and that medically, things are looking okay for the moment.

And I do have to say that, stressful as it was being Mum of a little premmie who spent three weeks in Special Care, that I did enjoy hanging out with all the other little newborns and their Mums in there :)

Ali said...

Oh thank you so much MamaMeow! We are all smitten and he truly is a little miracle (and we all think he's the most beautiful baby too - naturally!).

And thanks too Karen! Yes, there may be a repair necessary in the future but it's wait and see for now. It really is a special place in that Special Care unit ... (They did have a stressful day in their yesterday with a full house and some dramas and we had to keep out of the way, but my nephew is out on the ward now.)