Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Baby action! - and some blinks

For those who have been following this story sister went to the obstetrician today, and now has to have this baby today! So, I am off to Melbourne, on a bus (yes a bus - it's easier to get on at this point, and takes me right into Melbourne instead of to the inconvenient airports). So, thanks to those of your who have expressed your concern and let me know you are praying. I greatly appreciate that. And if you would like to say one more, that would be appreciated too.

Meanwhile, when I wrote that Guess Who's Coming to Dinner post I said I was intrigued by families of collective genius, so I liked this article on literary siblings, featuring the Rossettis and the Brontes, dispelling the notion of lonely genius. Also, I loved this collection of quotes Jean posted from CS Lewis's letters to Arthur Greeves.

And then Michael Jensen writes a good article on chastity, and hurrah for someone writing that it isn't about waiting for marriage (some of us have well and truly given up waiting, and we need a better reason).

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Meredith said...

It is late here, tomorrow (early) already in your neck of the woods. So I imagine your sister has had her baby already. But I will pray now even so, knowing God can sort out the timing.