Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday photo

I haven't shown you my latest toy, so here it is. Now that I know more about Kindles, this is a Paperwhite, which is fabulous. I bought the cover for about $8 from somewhere in Hong Kong on ebay, but it is working fine. The sad irony of this photo though is that it is taken in one of my favourite cafes, where I am drinking the best chai tea/latte, which is actually inside a bookshop that is closing down. So I feel a bit like I am contributing to the end of life as I like it.

On that point here is an article by Dom Knight about why he will keep buying printed books. I actually heard Dom Knight speak at the launch of Michael Jensen's book My God, My God (which, if you recall, I indexed) last weekend, and both he and Michael made for fascinating listening.

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