Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A Psalm 42 sermon on spiritual dryness

This is part two of the miserable weekend of Ali. I don’t really know why I had a little picnic in the doldrums over the weekend. Partly I don’t particularly like Father’s Day, and my father died on the 31st August, thus the timing is never great. So I was looking at all the pictures on Facebook of people out celebrating and eating cake with their extended family, or even just their husband and father of their kids, and then I went to sit in a café by myself and try not to mope.

But on Sunday night Paul Dale preached a sermon on spiritual dryness (or weariness) from Psalms 42 and 43 (which is all the same Psalm really). We are about to begin a long series in John, and this was a little one-off in the middle. It was so timely and so good. You can listen here.

At the end Paul got us to sit quietly and listening to sung version of Psalm 42, by Brian Eichelberger. You can listen and read the lyrics here. I went home and read through my sermon notes again and listened again to this song, to un-mope myself.

Here it is on youtube.

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