Friday, August 02, 2013

A short break

In case you hadn’t noticed, I have run out of steam recently here on the blog. I feel like I have run low on energy for just about everything lately. But the good news is that I am having next week off!

I am going to a teaching day with Ed Welch in the city tomorrow, which – apart from the fact that I need to be in the city by 9 am as that is quite a Saturday morning feat these days – should be great! Then in the evening my Mum is arriving for a visit. We are going to chortle down through the Southern Highlands next week, which should be very pleasant. My Mum grew up down that way and used to take holidays to the Southern Highlands as a child to visit relatives, so she is looking forward to reliving days gone by, and I am just looking forward to a rest, plus exploring more of what is down there.

So, I think I shall promise nothing and take a break from the blog and see what I come back with (I keep telling myself I should wind this blog back to the good old days when I wrote a post when I actually had something to say, but then I continue merrily on just collating stuff here that I find about the place ...).

Hope you all enjoy the week.

(Tonight I am going with some of the girls in my connect group from Church to Haberfield in search of baked cheesecake. I have heard it’s good there. Have I mentioned how much I love baked cheesecake? Anyway, I do. I don’t let myself eat it very often, because, ahem, the calories, but when it’s near birthday ... The fact that we threw this little posse together on relatively short notice has put a little dent in my illusions that most people in the city have their social life diarised for at least three weeks in advance (which is not the way I live). You might have to extend a little grace over food photos if I post a photo of baked cheesecake.)


Meredith said...

Blogs are excellent places for storing gems, especially with tagging. And there are many who love to read your jottings and your collectibles.

Enjoy the cheesecake (photo definitely) and enjoy the week.

Rebecca said...

Baked cheesecake is the only kind, in my humble opinion.

Chris L said...

enjoy the break Ali

Ali said...

Thank you Meredith! I forgot the picture of the cheesecake, but it was so good (baked ricotta!). Rebecca, I share your humble opinion. It is at least far superior.

Thanks Chris! I intend to.