Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The interesting people you've not had the experience to know

OK, so it's not very often that I post something such as this. I'm not especially interested in feeding gender wrangling. But the last few seconds of this youtube are lovely. What is interesting is that Dustin Hoffman refers to men being "brainwashed", and thus missing good things also (sometimes the moaning mass of women sound like they forget that whatever prevails in society affects men negatively too, and that men in themselves are perhaps no more to blame). It's worth adding though, that there is a line of men who are inclined to write off attractive women as being uninteresting as well (you know, if a woman is too attractive she's probably nothing other than a dingbat, or has no "soul"), so I think it pays to remember that physical appearance, either way, bears no relation to character.

As they say, there's something in this for all of us.


Anonymous said...


Still one of the best acted scenes. It would be no. 1 for "famous movie arguments" My manager has named me Dorsey because apparently I have the same attitude and issues. This post has nothing to do with Hoffman's interview, but seeing your post just made me remember this scene.

Ali said...

Oh, well I have never actually seen it, so I might just have to go do so now.