Monday, July 01, 2013

The Google reader finale

I'm waiting to see what actually happens to Google reader. Will it just vanish? I looked at it this morning and got excited that it was all still there, then realised that it is not the 1st of July in Google-land yet.

I think I will run with Feedly. I set up Bloglovin too, but basically you have to click through to the actual blog to read anything. That is not going to happen. And it likes to suggest new blogs for you. I don't need any more blogs! I can understand that people who have some kind of commercial gain attached to their blog might prefer readers using Bloglovin, but it's a pest for the reader.

Till then I shall just wait for Google reader to self-destruct.

1 comment:

Meredith said...

No Google Reader disappearance here yet either. Maybe it was hoax! But for now, I have found my way onto Feedly as well. And it seems OK!